wall shelves

Our wall shelves use a unique cantilevered bracket system allowing them to support much heavier loads than any other floating shelves available on the market. The shelves can be heavily loaded with coffee table books without bending, tipping or coming off the wall (see photo below)

Our wall shelves can be produced in a variety of shapes, lengths and depths and finishes and can be fitted with recessed lighting, cable tidys etc. Floating shelves are often used as display shelving and we can produce them with a lip at the front for displaying pictures.

Readymade Wall Shelves
Readymade wall shelves come in 600, 900, 1200 & 1500mm lengths by 280mm wide. They come sprayed with a white lacquer, satin sheen.

Technical Considerations
Our wall shelves require a solid masonary wall for fitting. It may be possible to fit them to a stud wall if the studs are wood and if the exact position of the studs can be ascertained in advance. The maximum depth is 500mm (but note that deeper shelves mean more leverage on the brackets which can therefore take less weight). The maximum length for a single shelf section is 2.4 metres. Longer shelves can be assembled by slotting purpose made sections together. Please note that shelves longer than 2 metres cost more to deliver (see prices)